The Quintessential Gent’s Guide to Socks.

Having a great sense of style is making sure you are well dressed, from your head right down to your feet. It seems however that some men missed the memo when it comes to socks. Wearing sports socks with office attire, or mismatched socks and in one case sheer socks (no comment on that) thinking no will notice. Guess what Gentleman? Everybody noticed and it’s a major faux pas. Your socks like any other item of clothing you wear is important so don’t ignore them. So here is The Quintessential Gent’s guide to sock. Something for everyone, a splash of colour, a little in your face and a little quirky too.

Happy Socks

Happy Socks

Happy Socks has been around since 2008 and is one of the few socks companies that definitely delivers the oomph factor, with its bold colours and jazzy designs. With their new Athletic Range you can expect these socks to be just as colourful and stylish, as well as being quite comfortable and soft. Designed for those leading an active lifestyle, Happy Socks Athletic makes it possible to look and feel great even while you’re sweating. So it’s not surprising these White and blue stripes socks are a great addition to any sporty ensemble. Now all I need to do is join a gym just so I can wear these socks.



London based sock brand MrD is still fairly a baby in the socks world but in the space of a few years has managed to build a loyal fan base who appreciate its luxe socks which come in some seriously bright colours and patterns. A rich colour and pattern combination these are perfect for any gentleman about town, and work perfectly with a pair of brogues.



Established in 1892, Corgi still produces all of its luxury socks in the small Welsh mining village, where the company first started.  Corgi is also one of the few British companies who can proudly say that their products are 100% Made in the UK. Recently they have launched their AW16 collection with themes including Nautical, City and Country.  Their Country collection is all about making use of earthy green tones, rust and burnt orange, helped Corgi create a country theme, which they developed further by introducing some new motifs – a stag, foxes and a huntsman. By far these Fox motif socks are my favourite and perfect for the style-conscious gentleman.

The London Sock Company


Friends Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard started The London Sock Company back in 2013 because like me, they feel people do notice yours socks. Their socks are perfect for today’s modern day gentleman, who needs to add a little style, personality and be noticed for the right reason. Their Summer collection inspired by the Notting Hill Carnival comes in a number of pastel tones but as the Canary is possibly my favorite one.  So why not add the ultimate summer style twist whilst keeping your feet cool in these light cotton socks. The London Sock Company also offers a popular Sock Club subscription service, where members receive new socks conveniently delivered monthly. My father is a fan after I bought him some for his Father’s Day and he never likes anything I buy him.

So there you have it Gentleman, my guide to socks, just remember we all notice what you are wearing even if you think we don’t.


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