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When you think of the finest quality men’s shoes in the world you think of Northamptonshire.  Well regarded all over the world for skilled workers who make incredibly beautiful shoes for brands such as Loake, Crockett & Jones and Church’s. All of these brands came from very humble beginning but are now world renowned. But now Northampton has a new kid on the block. A shoe brand with a twist, they make sneakers.

Enter Northampton Sneaker Co, a shoe brand created by two sneaker designers, who wanted to create something unique. A modern style and comfort of sneaker and infuse it with high quality of traditional British shoe making.


The sneakers are made from start to finish in Northamptonshire, sourcing incredibly skilled craftsmen and women, as well selecting leather from local suppliers of high quality European leather, like most of the finest Northamptonshire shoe factories do. Each pair takes two days to make and goes through 200 separate operations, including a traditional technique called Goodyear Welted. This technique involves stitching the sole and upper together rather than gluing, which is how most traditional sneakers are made. To give the sneakers a nod to history the sneakers all receive the delicate punched ‘brogue’ details.


In a few short years Northampton Sneaker Co, will no longer be just another humble shoe brand from Northampton but a well-renowned shoe brand all over the world.


Available to buy from Northampton Sneaker Co website (please click on images to be redirected)


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