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Reclaimed scrap metal sculptures may seem predictable to some, but when those sculptures question the division between urban materials and natural territories than the word predictable should be tossed out of the dictionary. This is the power that Iain Nutting, the former assistant to Turner Prize Winner Antony Gormely has.

Iain NuttingOrangutan, 2016reclaimed scrap metal71(h) x 64 x 60 cm

His latest exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack gallery focuses on endangered animals such as gorillas, orangutan, spix macaws, and a komodo dragon. Iain’s work manages to offer a poignant commentary on the way that technology encroaches upon the natural world. And yet, by utilising recycled materials, Nutting is also able to reflect on one way in which we can help these threatened creatures and care for the planet. Some of Iain’s earlier work from the 80s will also be featured at the exhibition.  

Iain NuttingSpix Macaws, 2016reclaimed scrap metal117 x 67 x 51 cm, 46 1/8 x 26 3/8 x 20 1/8 in


The exhibition is on between 2 – 26 November 2016 at Rebecca Hossack, Conway Street, London

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