The Quintessential Gent’s Most Wanted

Since 1895, socks brand Falke have been providing the world with stylish and classic style socks.

Perfect for the stylish gentleman, Falke has produced this limited edition sock made from rare Peruvian Vicuña.  Known for it is fine, dense wool the Peruvian vicuña is considered to be one of the most rarest and most expensive wool in the world.

After the vicuña has gone through the traditional shearing proces, the softwool hairs of the fleece are carefully separated from the coarser guard hairs and submitted to an elaborate hand-washing and drying process. The final step is to spin the yarns.

The socks will be crafted personally for you upon request and shipped in an elegant wooden box and priced at €860 per pair.

To order your own personal Falke vicuña socks, tailored to your foot. Click for more detail. 

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