The Quintessential Gent’s Guide to Socks.

Having a great sense of style is making sure you are well dressed, from your head right down to your feet. It seems however that some men missed the memo when it comes to socks. Wearing sports socks with office attire, or mismatched socks and in one case sheer socks (no comment on that) thinking no will notice. Guess what Gentleman? Everybody noticed and it’s a major faux pas. Your socks like any other item of clothing you wear is important so don’t ignore them. So here is The Quintessential Gent’s guide to sock. Something for everyone, a splash of colour, a little in your face and a little quirky too.

Happy Socks

Happy Socks

Happy Socks has been around since 2008 and is one of the few socks companies that definitely delivers the oomph factor, with its bold colours and jazzy designs. With their new Athletic Range you can expect these socks to be just as colourful and stylish, as well as being quite comfortable and soft. Designed for those leading an active lifestyle, Happy Socks Athletic makes it possible to look and feel great even while you’re sweating. So it’s not surprising these White and blue stripes socks are a great addition to any sporty ensemble. Now all I need to do is join a gym just so I can wear these socks.



London based sock brand MrD is still fairly a baby in the socks world but in the space of a few years has managed to build a loyal fan base who appreciate its luxe socks which come in some seriously bright colours and patterns. A rich colour and pattern combination these are perfect for any gentleman about town, and work perfectly with a pair of brogues.



Established in 1892, Corgi still produces all of its luxury socks in the small Welsh mining village, where the company first started.  Corgi is also one of the few British companies who can proudly say that their products are 100% Made in the UK. Recently they have launched their AW16 collection with themes including Nautical, City and Country.  Their Country collection is all about making use of earthy green tones, rust and burnt orange, helped Corgi create a country theme, which they developed further by introducing some new motifs – a stag, foxes and a huntsman. By far these Fox motif socks are my favourite and perfect for the style-conscious gentleman.

The London Sock Company


Friends Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard started The London Sock Company back in 2013 because like me, they feel people do notice yours socks. Their socks are perfect for today’s modern day gentleman, who needs to add a little style, personality and be noticed for the right reason. Their Summer collection inspired by the Notting Hill Carnival comes in a number of pastel tones but as the Canary is possibly my favorite one.  So why not add the ultimate summer style twist whilst keeping your feet cool in these light cotton socks. The London Sock Company also offers a popular Sock Club subscription service, where members receive new socks conveniently delivered monthly. My father is a fan after I bought him some for his Father’s Day and he never likes anything I buy him.

So there you have it Gentleman, my guide to socks, just remember we all notice what you are wearing even if you think we don’t.


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The Quintessential Gent’s Guide to Sunglasses

Its slightly ironic just as I finished writing this piece, its starts to rain. Oh well I guess welcome to England. You would think that by now I would be used to the unpredictable English weather. But guess what? If like me you would wear your sunglasses, come rain or shine than here is your guide to  my top five. Unique, stylish and most of all, they all get The Quintessential Gent’s approval.

Orlebar Brown

Teal Acetate Round

Orlebar Brown is my go to brand for tailored mens beach and swim shorts. So when I saw these Teal Acetate Round sunglasses I had to include them in my guide.  The round frames with the coloured acetate frames combine a retro ‘50s feel with a more modern look.

Oliver Peoples 

Gregory Peck Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Exclusive to Mr Porter  these Oliver Peoples sunglasses were created in collaboration with the Peck estate. Paying tribute to one of the most stylish actors of all time, Mr Gregory Peck, in the iconic movie To Kill A Mockingbird.  The vintage-inspired round frames are rendered in transparent acetate, with dark-grey lenses to keep your eyes protected.



The Palm Sunglasses by Spanish clothing brand Scalpers, are extremely classic, plus they won’t break the bank.  A bit of a newcomer in the UK this Spanish brand whose name and logo is inspired by Native American Indians, is known for its tailoring and quirky accessories.  Its collection is focused on three tenets; design, detail and “quirks”. And these glasses represent the best of the quirky nature of Scalpers. Check out the Scalpers store on Carnaby Street.


Bailey Sunglasses

Tens is one of my new favourite sunglasses brands (To find out why, check out  my previous article called Filter your World). Started by three friends,  who as photographers and filmmakers who added  rich, warm colours to their work. It was only natural to bring this process to the real world. A simple ambition to make everyone’s day look & feel ten times better. The Bailey sunglasses features a playfully rounded frame divided by classic keyhole bridge geometry, and definitely represent the brand’s ethos of making everyone’s day look and feel ten times better


MAISON MARGIELA + Mykita Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Uber-hip Berlin brand Mykita’s collaboration with Maison Margiela to create a limited edition of sunglasses has go to be one of the best collaborations so far.   Handmade in Berlin from matte-acetate, giving them instant contemporary industrial appeal. The olive-green hue is subtle and suits all complexions.  Dressed up or dressed down. You choose.

So there you have it my Guide to my top 5 sunglasses this summer. Come rain or shine.


Filter Your World

Tens, the filter sunglasses brand, have just opened their first pop-up store in Covent Garden, London for the month of July. The brand which, was founded in 2014 through a highly successful Indiegogo campaign that achieved almost £400,000 in pre-orders. The campaign remains one of the most-funded fashion projects on any crowd funding website globally.


To top it off the brand has just received a significant investment from businessman Richard Branson. Richard Branson discovered the brand through a friend commented “Kris, Marty and Tom have shown tremendous entrepreneurial spirit to get where they are today; they’ve done an amazing job bringing their ambition to life. Tens have come in and disrupted the sunglasses market, a tactic I’m all too familiar with! And I love the product, no matter where I am in the world I can stick on a pair of Tens and feel like I’m right back on Necker Island.”


The current SS16 collection comprises eleven styles priced from £60, each boasting Tens’ Instagram-style filter lens that transforms the users view into a vivid experience, full of clarity and colour. The sunglasses work with the warm colour palette of the sun to enhance everything you see; making everyday life looks and feel ten times better. For decades, ordinary sunglasses have deprived the world of the sun’s natural glow, replacing its bright and beautiful rays with cold and lifeless shade. Using custom filtered lens that works with natural sunlight, with Tens – the world around you is transformed into a vivid experience full of clarity and colour.


The latest Tens collection is available online from and from the Tens pop-up store on 10 Earlham Street by Covent Garden, London. Exclusive ranges are also available from the Necker Island Store and from throughout SOHO House locations across North America.

Product photography by BERT SPANGEMACHER fotografiert for TENSLIFE.COM



Christys AW15 Collection

Women in general have a weakness for shoes or handbags and in some cases both. My weakness as a man has to be hats. Bowler, Top, Panama, Trilby, flat and even a Santa Hat. I basically have a hat for every single occasion and pretty much wear hats all the time except to bed and in the shower (shower caps don’t count). 

The Quintessential Guide to Glasses.

glassesSMLThere used to a time when wearing glasses was only about function and making sure you could read the blackboard from the back of the classroom. I remember being teased from a young age because I wore glasses, and let me tell most of the glasses that I used to wear, were extremely horrendous.

Friday’s Gentleman Prefers J.Crew

screen-shot-2013-11-08-at-10-46-01I’ve never been a fan of Casual Fridays.  I’ve worked on and off for years in an office environment and  seeing my colleagues on Casual Fridays in some pretty horrendous clothes, has made me want to shake them and say why?

In one previous job there was one gentleman who would wear flip-flops, cut off jean shorts and a tank top, even during the winter. I also knew a woman who would dress impeccably well during monday too thursday, however come friday out comes the  leather mini skirt with a PVC corset. The men spent half the Fridays ogling at her rather large breasts.

Thursday’s Gent Prefers Peter Werth.

shoesSMLCyril Connolly once described autumn as ‘Fallen leaves lying on the grass in the November sun bring more happiness than the daffodils.” And I have to say I couldn’t agree more.

Although for me autumn is my favourite season because of Autumn Wardrobe. Filled with earthy or dark tones such greens, browns, dark grey, purple and even a splash of navy.

Wednesday’s Gentleman Prefers Ted Baker.

bowtieSMLMy love for Ted Baker started about 11 years ago when I was first discovering my fashion identity. Back than a friend of mine worked in one of the Ted Baker stores. Can anyone say ‘DISCOUNT’?

Anyway moving on from my one-sided love affair with Ted Baker, my look for Autumn/Winter is centered what can only be described as the Chuck Bass signature look: The Bow Tie.

Tuesday’s Gentleman Prefers Reiss.

jacketSMLI always used to think that Reiss’ menswear was pretty dull, boring and lack imagination. But in actual fact their Menswear can only be described as classic, well made and on trend.Reiss is definitely my go to place for casual classics.

Although the price tag maybe scare some people I can assure you that Reiss has The Quintessential Gent’s seal of approval. And that my friends is worth more than the Queen’s Seal of Approval.

Monday’s Gentleman Prefers Zara.

coatSMLThis week on The Quintessential Gent I’ve decided to do something a little different. I’ve decided to choose 5 menswear brands, and create a ‘Look’ using only pieces from that brand’s collection.  Look One I am starting off with Zara. This season Zara has creating one of their strongest collections for Men, with amazing style, cut, colours and even taken a risk by adding a poncho to the Men’s collection (check out my instagram for more detail).