Just a Small note to say Goodbye & Hello.

Its hard to believe that I started The Quintessential Gent more than three years ago. Combining my love for writing and Mens fashion The Quintessential Gent was meant to be a bit of  fun. But than people started reading it and commented it was good and funny, which just put more pressure on me.

However the last 18 months I have hardly written anything for The Quintessential Gent, which I’m afraid isn’t good at all. My ambition for The Quintessential Gent has always been pretty small. It usually involved writing every few weeks and sometimes every few months. Its not that I didn’t want to write, I was just comfortable to write when I could be bothered. I was happy with just a little success and small amount of people reading my blog.

However in January this year I stopped thinking small and started to create a new possibility. That possibility was that The Quintessential Gent would no longer just be a a mens fashion blog but a mens lifestyle blog. It would be cover mens style, grooming, travel (when I can afford to travel), culture, food & drink that all gentleman like myself would enjoy.

A few months ago I hired a company called Gleconnect to overhaul my entire website and bring it up to a standard that I have only dreamed of. And I have to admit I became aware how demanding I really am. I  must have caused Steve the website designer from Gleconnect a lot of headache, so Steve if you read this I’m not sorry at all. As of last week that possibility became a reality and the blog you are seeing now is totally different .

So gentlemen (and ladies) and all my loyal readers thank you for being part of this journey with me, but its times that we all stopped thinking small and start thinking big. This year is only the beginning, with your help and my bloody hard work The Quintessential Gent will be incredibly successful. All I need is my readers, my every growing collections of hats and a copious amount of gin.