The Quintessential Gent’s Guide to Men’s Fragrances

The one thing I hate receiving every birthday or Christmas as gift is fragrances. The reason being is people never get it right and they tend to be re-gifted (I apologise to my friends and family secrets out) or they tend to gather dust in my bathroom. With more variety out there now for men it’s not surprising that they are overwhelmed on what to buy. Like everything else in life even fragrances have a must have criteria. For me that criteria includes a fragrance that is masculine, subtle, sophisticated, sexy and timelessly classic . So here are my favorites in no particular order.

Dior Homme


François Demachy describes Dior Homme as a fragrance that eschews every masculine cliché. It explores a new virility, immediate yet complex. I couldn’t have said it any better. To me Dior Homme is a fragrance that is very loyal to the spirit of the Christian Dior brand, with it blend of tradition & modernity. With its woody undertones and spicy trail of elegance it’s no wonder I have been wearing this fragrance for the last 11 years.

Tom Ford, Extreme


To me Tom Ford is the epitome of masculinity, subtle and classic. So of course Tom Ford Extreme had to be included. Still a relatively new fragrance it’s no wonder that it’s been described as the gentlemanly interpretation of sensuality and fearless confidence. Traits that all modern men should have, By fusing black figs, dark spices with smooth woods Tom Ford has created another intoxicating and sexy fragrance.

24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract


A recent discovery of mine, I was blown away on this reworked version of the original 24 Old Bond Street fragrance. Although I have to admit I fell in love with the bottle first before I fell in love with its content, which can only be described as very potent, full of tonicity and dramatic contrast. A triumph of English elegance, the 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract is a fragrant statement of astounding perfume pedigree.

Mr Burberry


Most of my friends know about my borderline obsession with Burberry but I have to admit I’ve never been a fan of their men’s fragrances. However after trying Mr Burberry, it quickly became a new favourite.   The fragrance which was only launched earlier this year captures the essence of London and its moments, fusing classic scents of British perfumery with unexpected ingredients. While the bottle is inspired by the iconic black Burberry trench coat, its quality, craftsmanship, style and timeless appeal, and honours its signature design details: bold and masculine. For a truly unique gift for yourself (remember the cardinal rule never by a fragrance for a loved one) why not get the bottle engraved with your initials. Mine is engraved with Q.G


Valentino Uomo


Valentino once said ‘elegance is the balance between proportion, emotion & surprise’ a quote which is very fitting for Valentino Uomo. A fragrance with its precisely chosen ingredients in the last two years has become a firm favourite of mine. Its classic fragrance with soft smoky and woody accords and a touch of vagueness that upsets the balance, it is an expression of unmistakable style. Everything about Valentino Uomo is restrained, yet enticing. 


So there you have it my 5 favourite which all have my fragrance criteria of  being masculine, subtle, sophisticated, sexy and timelessly classic. Also remember the cardinal rule never buy a fragrance as a gift for someone else. 




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The world’s first anti-ageing gin has arrived

So a few days ago I decided I was going to give up alcohol till August, which included my beloved gin. So imagine my shock and annoyance when I heard that there was a new gin on the market called Anti-aGin, which claims that drinking this gin will reduce your wrinkles. Now I’ve always been told not to swear but what they f**k?

According to makers Bompas & Parr,who created this gin with hotel chain Warner Leisure Hotels the gin has been distilled with pure collagen and contains a mix of antioxidant and ‘skin-healing’ botanicals including green tea, witch hazel, nettle and gotu kola – which the bottle claims can help reduce cellulite and sun damage.

Regardless if it works or not I guess my gin ban is ending before it began.  I’m already thinking of recipes.



The new gin is on sale for £34.99 at all thirteen Warner Leisure hotel locations in the UK and online at



Fresh Lips or Dry Lips?

polishSMLSo its official the longest winter in London is finally over. With summer finally around the corner its time to deal with the damage left behind.  In my case the long winter has left my usually gorgeous lips dry and cracked. Now my lips are my crown jewels and usually they always look good. But not anymore, instead I’m having to using an excess amount of lip balms every few minutes to hide the cracks. Like the rest of your face, your lips also needed some TLC and just putting on some Carmex won’t really help.

The Perfect Outfit for Valentines Day

letterSMLSo its Valentines Day, love is in the air.  You’ve booked the perfect romantic restaurant, bought her a lovely gift and of course a dozen red roses. But have you given much thought to what you will be wearing tonight?
Your Valentines date outfit is just as important as the booking the perfect romantic restaurant, buying her a lovely gift and a single red rose (a dozen red roses in my opinion is trying to much).