The world’s first anti-ageing gin has arrived

So a few days ago I decided I was going to give up alcohol till August, which included my beloved gin. So imagine my shock and annoyance when I heard that there was a new gin on the market called Anti-aGin, which claims that drinking this gin will reduce your wrinkles. Now I’ve always been told not to swear but what they f**k?

According to makers Bompas & Parr,who created this gin with hotel chain Warner Leisure Hotels the gin has been distilled with pure collagen and contains a mix of antioxidant and ‘skin-healing’ botanicals including green tea, witch hazel, nettle and gotu kola – which the bottle claims can help reduce cellulite and sun damage.

Regardless if it works or not I guess my gin ban is ending before it began.  I’m already thinking of recipes.



The new gin is on sale for £34.99 at all thirteen Warner Leisure hotel locations in the UK and online at



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