The Quintessential Gent’s guide to Print Swim shorts.

surfSMLSo the weather has finally improved and its time to show of you hard work in the gym off. However you need the perfect swimwear to show off too.
Swim shorts for men are most known to be practical. Style and trend don’t really come in to it. However this year for the first time in a long time mens’ swim swears is having a major impact. Not only are they sexy, trendy but also extremely practical.

This season prints are a major trend on most men’s swim shorts. Loud prints, subtle, colorful, floral you name it as long as it has a print you are on trend.

Here are my tops 4:



I’ve never bought swim shorts from Paul Smith in the past but I have to say these Slim – fit navy geometric print swim short are amazing. Extremely subtle these would be perfect for a beach party look. Why not team with a white cotton shirt and flip-flops for a simple yet versatile look.




For those who like nothing better than grabbing their boards and heading to Newquay or somewhere more exotic, check out these boardies and swimwear by Riz Boardshorts. A British brand that mixed surf, sustainability and menswear together. Extremely practical these floral print shorts are perfect for surfing, and the best part is all Riz Boardshorts are made from 100% recycled materials. Why not drop by  and find out more about the brand in their  pop up store in Spitafields open till the 13th July. With these shorts even I’d give surfing another go all I need now is custom made Otter Surfboard.



chucs_csmkn02-113_1I haven’t been on a yacht since my Falmouth days but if I am ever on a yacht this summer I’d make sure these to have a pair of shorts by Chucs Dive & Mountain Shop a brand I’ve only recently discovered. Not only do their shorts come in a variety of unique prints but the tailoring and their attention to detail is pretty amazing. Inspired by a pair of short found at Ian Flemings’ Goldeneye in Jamaica the postiano shorts are probably my favorite ones by Chucs. Perfect for lounging around on the high seas and if it gets too cold why not team the shorts with the Rubirosa cashmere roll neck jumper also by Chucs. Trust me its perfection.

Orlebar Brown.


Although I can’t afford to go to Miami this year (sigh if only) here is the next best thing.  The Miami Print Bulldog print shorts by Orlebar Brown are perfect for a dip in the pool. And those who are feeling lucky why not enter a chance to win a trip to Miami (further information on

Now that I’ve chosen my top 4 print shorts I have the difficult task of deciding where to go on my vacation. Home or abroard?



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