Friday’s Gentleman Prefers J.Crew

screen-shot-2013-11-08-at-10-46-01I’ve never been a fan of Casual Fridays.  I’ve worked on and off for years in an office environment and  seeing my colleagues on Casual Fridays in some pretty horrendous clothes, has made me want to shake them and say why?

In one previous job there was one gentleman who would wear flip-flops, cut off jean shorts and a tank top, even during the winter. I also knew a woman who would dress impeccably well during monday too thursday, however come friday out comes the  leather mini skirt with a PVC corset. The men spent half the Fridays ogling at her rather large breasts.

The Perfect Sunday Brunch

clippingSMLSunday has got to be my favorite day of the week. It usually involves; drinking a pot of English breakfast tea and reading the Sunday paper, or in today’s case the latest copy of The Mr Porter Post. But the real highlight of the day has to be Sunday Brunch.
For me it’s an excuse to dress up a little, meet a few friends and head the my favourite brunch place The Giant Robot.