Agi & Sam for Topman unleash their inner George Best.

owlSMLI’ve never really been a fan of high street retailer’s collaborations with designers. Not only do they look cheap feels like no effort has gone in to.
However that’s not the case with Agi & Sam for Topman doesn’t have that problem. Not only is the collection fresh, cool, well cut (I should know I bought a few pieces) but most of all there’s inspiration and of course a story behind the collection.  The inspiration according to was by last years Olympics and the effect it’s had over East London.

Metallic the subtle way

peopleSMLThe last few years menswear has begun to take a lot more risks.  It’s slowly becoming stronger, bold, outspoken and of course it’s definitely making a statement.
Nothing has caused more of a stir than Lanvin, Versace, Margiela, Neil Barrett and Burberry’s use of Metallic this season.

Once Upon A Time

Its been exactly 100 years since Chanel was first launched, and to celebrate it 100th Anniversary, creative director Karl Lagerfeld has released his short film about the infamous icon Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.   More …

Fresh Lips or Dry Lips?

polishSMLSo its official the longest winter in London is finally over. With summer finally around the corner its time to deal with the damage left behind.  In my case the long winter has left my usually gorgeous lips dry and cracked. Now my lips are my crown jewels and usually they always look good. But not anymore, instead I’m having to using an excess amount of lip balms every few minutes to hide the cracks. Like the rest of your face, your lips also needed some TLC and just putting on some Carmex won’t really help.