Monday’s Gentleman Prefers Zara.

coatSMLThis week on The Quintessential Gent I’ve decided to do something a little different. I’ve decided to choose 5 menswear brands, and create a ‘Look’ using only pieces from that brand’s collection.  Look One I am starting off with Zara. This season Zara has creating one of their strongest collections for Men, with amazing style, cut, colours and even taken a risk by adding a poncho to the Men’s collection (check out my instagram for more detail).

The Quintessential Style Guide: Wool.

jumperSMLThis week on The Quintessential Style Guide it’s all about wool. Now you may be thinking isn’t it a little early to even think about wearing wool? Well the answer to that is no.Wool is a popular material to wear during the Autumn/Winter months.
So popular that the colder it gets the less likely you are to find some really amazing pieces.


The Quintessential Gent’s guide to Print Swim shorts.

surfSMLSo the weather has finally improved and its time to show of you hard work in the gym off. However you need the perfect swimwear to show off too.
Swim shorts for men are most known to be practical. Style and trend don’t really come in to it. However this year for the first time in a long time mens’ swim swears is having a major impact. Not only are they sexy, trendy but also extremely practical.