Just a small note to say I’m a Sober Hero

So for month of October I decided to give up alcohol included my beloved gin for 31 whole days. For those who know me, many must have thought ‘I give him 3 days.’ And I don’t blame them. For the last 10 months I have been saying I’m going to give up and last about 3 days before I’m running to the nearest bar for a gin martini.

One of the reasons I decided to take part in Sober October is because of Macmillan Cancer Support.  A few years ago my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. At that time I and my family were in shock, but with the support of Macmillan, we were able to rally around and be strong for each other and especially my dad.

Together with 67,900 other we have managed to raise £2.8 million for Macmillan Cancer Support.  This mean that Macmillan can be there for more people facing cancer, right from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, and give them the energy and support to take back control of their lives.

Of course there are the health benefits of a month off alcohol. These include:

  • Waking up with a spring in my step after sleeping better and snoring less
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Healthy looking bank balance
  • Feel generally healthier in everything you do.
  • I also realised that almost all my social life is centered on drinking copious amount of gin. So not drinking for a month, I have been able to enjoy a social life which involves no drinking and actually enjoy the company of my friends, dates and potential lovers.

Did I miss drinking for a month? Yes for a few days I did.

Did I find it hard? Surprisingly no.

And although tonight I be enjoying a gin martini, what I have learnt from Sober October is I don’t need to drink every single day and but only drink once or twice a week.

For those reading and still haven’t donated, you be pleased to know that donations will remain open throughout November. So those who would like to donate please click on the following image.

Go Sober

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