I’ve Been Cheating on Fashion with Furniture…

This last year my marriage with fashion has been strained and extremely dull. When there are problems in a marriage you either try or fix it or you start looking elsewhere. As the title suggests I looked elsewhere … its name is Furniture.
Let’s rewind slightly to B30, before I was 30. I was a happy guy about town who immersed himself in to his relationship with fashion. Ignoring my friends and spending countless hours in my walk in closet (at my parents’ house) admiring my collection. But as soon as I hit 30 last summer, I began to question the choices and the loves in my life, including Fashion. I was bored. Like most bored people in a marriage I began to find comfort elsewhere. In my case I cancelled my fashion magazine subscriptions and subscribed to a few interior design magazines. I began to spend my weekends in DIY stores buying paint and wallpaper samples, and making trips to the scrap yard to get rid of my old couch, a metal clothing rack (which I ‘borrowed’ years ago from a shoot) and even my bed where many good memories were made.

What originally started as just casual flirting soon turned in to a full blown affair, when I was spending most of my spare time, money (and the secret credit card) in John Lewis, Ikea, notonthehighstreet.com buying cushions, throws, lamps, storage ottoman and even fabric to reupholster the dining table chairs. The joy and rush I got from this was mind blowing but eventually like all affairs, my affair with Furniture became exhausting, time consuming and I actually felt guilty for neglecting Fashion. And all affairs have consequences.

The consequences I suffered happened last weekend. I went to visit my parents and also to pick up a box of hats in storage. Turns out my parent had ‘accidently’ chucked out some of my hats. These included my beautiful Panama and Pork Pie hats both from Christys’ Hat. The lesson I learnt from this is NEVER CHEAT ON FASHION WITH FURNITURE. So Fashion I hope you can forgive me? Although i have yet to find the perfect couch, so maybe by affair isn’t completely over. Watch this space.

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