How to look casual but with style

styleSMLA friend recently said to me that I don’t do casual. He can’t remember the last time he saw me dressed down in a pair of jeans, t-shirt and trainers. At first I tried to pretend that I did dress casual but knew deep down that in fact casual is not my forte.
But eventually I had to admit that I didn’t do casual. So he challenged me to come up with a casual look I would actually wear. My idea of casual usually consists of jeans, Oxford shirt, boots and wool cardigan and a baker boy hat. Just thinking of that is making me smile.

 But now I was faced with a challenge, to dress casual. This of course coming from a friend who loves the boy band look from the early noughties.

But I accepted the challenge but with my own twist.

To begin with I needed the statement piece. In this case it had to be this amazing reclaimed vintage quilted varsity jacket from Now Varsity jackets have always been popular and in the last year or so have been making a bit of a comeback. Whats amazing about this jacket is that most of the fabrics used  are no longer produced, which truly makes it cool and unique. And the last time I checked my size was low in stock. So I better rush and get one before they all run out.


Although I don’t wear trainers (sneakers to my friends from across the pond), I do love converse hi tops. Converse in my opinion is a one of those staple pieces, which everyone should have either in black or white for a casual look.


I am forever wearing hats, Trilby, Beanies, Ascot, Bowler, Flat cap, and even a Top hat. But I don’t think I ever really wear a baseball cap. And this outfit would be in complete with out a cool baseball cap. So I’ve chosen this amazing cap from River Island, its cool, edgy, urban and most of call casual.


Most of my t shirts are plain v necks or with horizontal stripes. I think I may have a slight obsession with horizontal stripes. But for this outfit to work I needed something that makes more of a statement. So I chose this t-shirt from Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren available from both Ralph Lauren and also from Urban Outfitters too. I have a thing for skull so this t-shirt was a clear winner.


So although I maybe have cheated a little, I think I’ve pulled it off. I’ve created an outfit that is indeed casual, relaxed but still stylish. And to my boy band obsessed friend never underestimate me.




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