The Quintessential Guide to Glasses.

glassesSMLThere used to a time when wearing glasses was only about function and making sure you could read the blackboard from the back of the classroom. I remember being teased from a young age because I wore glasses, and let me tell most of the glasses that I used to wear, were extremely horrendous.

Thanks to the fashion pack, glasses have gained all-new hipster status – with the thick-framed nerd specs topping the list of must-have styles. In recent years some of the major fashion brands have cottoned on that wearing glasses can be less about function and more about fashion.

My glasses for the last 4 years have been two pairs of Rayban Wayfarers, but I’m  sick to death of them. Not because I don’t like them, but it seems it’s the go to brand for the ‘Geek Chic’ look. Walk down Oxford Street on a regular day you will be amazed on the amount of well-dressed people wearing Rayban style Wayfarer glasses. Its become so easy to buy glasses as a fashion accessory that you can pick up of geek style glasses for as little as £2, while I fork out a few hundred. Enough is enough its time I find myself a new pair of glasses, one that is functional and fashionable.

 So if like me you’ve had enough and are looking for a pair of glasses that are both unique and stylish than check out my top five.


Australian brand Sunday Somewhere definitely understands the phrase ‘classic with a twist’. The brand is very good at using classic vintage frames and giving it a modern twist. Something a lot of other brands have not been able to do as well. So it’s not surprising that Heeyeh glasses are fresh, covetable and timeless.



Is it possible to fall in love with a pair of glasses?Archibald Optics is a British designed, Japanese manufactured frames and prescription lenses that are super high quality due to the exceptional standard of manufacturing. Not only is their quality exceptional but they also very beautiful. My favourite glasses by the brand has to be The Clive, which  with its unconventional design embodies the spirit of British eccentricity. If my hero Winston Churchill was alive he’d be wearing a pair of Clives.



Black Eyewear is one of those brands with an amazing story. Robert Roope a lover of Jazz music has created a brand where each of his frames are dedicated to some of the greatest Jazz musicians including Miles Davis John Coltrane and of course a favourite of mine Bix Beiderbecke.  So of course my favorite pair of glasses is the ‘Bix’. The brand is already a favorite of singer and has even featured in the tv series Mad Men. I think that says it all.



Gregory Peck is one of my favourite actors of all time, his role as Atticus Finch in the 1962 film To Kill a Mockingbird is still considered as one of his greatest performances. But it was his wardrobe from the movie, which made him a style icon.  Who could forget that white shirt, waistcoat, pocket watch, and of course those tortoise-tinged spectacles.

 Oliver Peoples have most recently collaborated with the Peck Estate, to create the Gregory Peck glasses. Inspired by the style worn by its namesake in To Kill A Mockingbird.  Stylish and iconic I’m sure Gregory Peck would have approved.



Tony Gross of Cutler and Gross once said “It’s nice if glasses can be sexy and mysterious. People who need glasses don’t have to feel separated from glamour.” I have to say I agree. Cutler and Gross not only understand that glasses need to be functional but also that they need to be fashionable. So of course I’d have to include  0822 Melbourne. A classic thick aviator, which I most definitely would wear


So there you have it my top five glasses. Classic, unique and definitely will make you stand out from the crowd. But most importantly stylish and functional.



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