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screen-shot-2013-11-08-at-10-46-01I’ve never been a fan of Casual Fridays.  I’ve worked on and off for years in an office environment and  seeing my colleagues on Casual Fridays in some pretty horrendous clothes, has made me want to shake them and say why?

In one previous job there was one gentleman who would wear flip-flops, cut off jean shorts and a tank top, even during the winter. I also knew a woman who would dress impeccably well during monday too thursday, however come friday out comes the  leather mini skirt with a PVC corset. The men spent half the Fridays ogling at her rather large breasts.

The idea behind Casual Fridays is to create a relaxed, casual stress-free working  environment before the weekend, but that shouldn’t mean you forget that you still work in a high-profile office.  Unfortunately us Brits don’t really know how to do smart casual, so it’s about time that our friends from across the pond showed us. And thanks to one American retailer who understand smart casual pretty well have just opened a new store right here in London.


 J.Crew is renowned for its easy-to-wear modern wardrobe staples, from its Ludlow suit and cashmere knits. So it was common sense for this much-loved American brand to finally open in London. Although it has to be said since the announcement was made last year J.Crew definitely knows how to tease and entice the British public. We’ve already seen a J.Crew pop up store back in May and more recently a charming little men’s only store in Lambs Conduit (my new home away from home).

 A perfect look for Casual Fridays should be smart, yet casual (which does involve banishing those god awful cut of jean shorts till your next vacation or when painting the garden fence). The following look is a perfect example of how to dress smart casual in an office environment.

 The Indigo Lambs wool Three Pocket Cardigan is an investment piece, available in a mink and sepia. I know I be buying all three to keep me nice and warm this winter.


 Team with the Khaki Broken-in 484 Chino. I’m a huge fan of J.Crew’s 484 pants. Not only are they one of the best slim fit pants out there at the moment, but they are also very relaxed to wear and even sleep in too. Although it’s not a very good idea to constantly wear 484 pants to bed, because J.Crew also do some lovely pajama pants. 


Sticking with the slim casual look, the Slim End-on-end Dobby Shirt in Cambridge Blue would compliment both the khaki chino and the Indigo cardigan. Don’t forget you still work in an office so if you know you have a client meeting on a Friday, wearing a tie is always a good idea.  J.Crew have probably some of the best affordable yet quirky ties out there at the moment. My favourite has to be Wilmington Navy English Wool tie.


Add the Macalister Boots in Dark Khaki and of course a signature bag to complete the casual friday look. In this case the Montague Leather Satchel too.



So there you have it, smart casual look for Casual Fridays. Enjoy while I head out and stock up on some J.Crew cashmere sweaters.  The new J.Crew store in Regents Street London is now open.



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    Jay Tee says

    glad to hear you like j.crew…they keep getting better. they went through an iffy period but am really liking them these days

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