Fresh Lips or Dry Lips?

polishSMLSo its official the longest winter in London is finally over. With summer finally around the corner its time to deal with the damage left behind.  In my case the long winter has left my usually gorgeous lips dry and cracked. Now my lips are my crown jewels and usually they always look good. But not anymore, instead I’m having to using an excess amount of lip balms every few minutes to hide the cracks. Like the rest of your face, your lips also needed some TLC and just putting on some Carmex won’t really help.

 In fact you need to exfoliate  your dry lips to help them become moist and plump. If only someone had invented a decent lip exfoliator. Guess what? Someone did.

Say hello to my favourite new brand Fresh, started by duo Lez Glazman & Alina Roytberg. I came across the brand a few months ago when I was given some of Fresh’s iconic Oval Soap. I was heavily impressed by the soap and researched the brand. My research led me to the elixir I needed for my lips, the Sugar Lip Polish. This little pot is made of Brown sugar crystals, Medofoam seed, and jojoba seed and grapes seed oil. Together these ingredient help prevent moisture loss, buffs away dry flakes as well nourishing, hydrating and protecting your lips.

 Having fallen in love with the this Lip polish I searched their website to see who their UK stockist were. After a few minutes I quickly realised that the brand didn’t have any UK stockist and the only Fresh Stores were in North America. I wasn’t very happy. For weeks I dreamt about the Sugar Lip Polish and now it was beginning to look like I was stuck with my dry and cracked lips.

So imagine my surprise while walking down Marylebone High Street and seeing a store called Fresh. I stopped in my tracks, my heart racing and thinking to myself no it can’t be. I ran across the road, and in the process nearly getting run over by a black cab. I took a deep breath opened the store door and walked in. My heart that this point was racing rapidly as my eyes fell upon the Oval soap. I asked one of the women behind the counter if they had the Sugar Lip Polish. When she replied yes and showed me where it was I snatched it out of her hand and sighed. Now I know how Gollum must have felt when his Precious was in house. The woman behind the counter explained a little about the product and that this Fresh store was the only store based outside of North America.

When I got home I massaged a small amount on to my lips, trying very hard not to lick it off my lips. I rinsed it off using a damp  wash cloth and applied a small amount of Carmex balm on my lips. Having used it few times in the last week I’ve noticed a huge difference in my lips. Its left my lips feeling soft and smooth. The only downside though is, that is very hard not to lick your lips when you have it on.



stockist enquiry:

92 Marylebone High St
tel +44 207 486 4100

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