Agi & Sam for Topman unleash their inner George Best.

owlSMLI’ve never really been a fan of high street retailer’s collaborations with designers. Not only do they look cheap feels like no effort has gone in to.
However that’s not the case with Agi & Sam for Topman doesn’t have that problem. Not only is the collection fresh, cool, well cut (I should know I bought a few pieces) but most of all there’s inspiration and of course a story behind the collection.  The inspiration according to was by last years Olympics and the effect it’s had over East London.

Sam explains, “When London was knee-deep in the Olympics the idea of sportswear kept creeping in to our minds, particularly the game that lives in the hearts and minds of most Brits, football. We were talking about football kits and there was a really weird period between 1990-92 where they all had these amazing prints.’




Funnily enough when I showed my dad the Turquoise Printed Sweatshirt, that I bought he said it reminded him of early 90s football kits and wondered if it was vintage piece I bought of eBay. He also said it reminded him of something George Best would wear. This of course coming from a guy who couldn’t care less about fashion.

Print fans Agi & Sam have created a story centred around a fictional football team ‘The Owls’. Featuring beautiful hand-painted watercolours of Owls, eggshells and feathers graphics dotted across the 20-piece collection. Of course Agi & Sam don’t sway too far from their trademark tailoring, suits, shirts which all feature owls, nests, feathers and eggshell prints, and of course the duo have made sure to include a trench coat (my favourite piece), which is similar to a piece from their SS13 collection.




These talented design duo have come a long way since their debut a few years ago, and each collection has become more ascetically and visually stronger. Although no one can predict the future, I predict great things for Agi & Sam. As for Topman, its nice to finally see a high street brand taking such a big risks, I hope in the future we will see more designers like Agi & Sam designing a collection for Topman which will make “everyone sit up and take notice.”

So while I enjoy my trench coat, white feathers shorts, why don’t you enjoy lusting over the collection.  But don’t wait too long, I predict it will sell very fast.





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